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What We Treat

Our therapists have treated patients with all conditions. We have chosen to be diverse in this area in order to be accommodating and flexible during our treatment sessions.

It is not uncommon that patients are coming to us with a bad case of sciatica running down their leg and are also being seen for a shoulder problem that’s been bothering them for years.

Due to the fact that our doctors get to spend 60 minutes of skilled therapy with each patient, we are able to take on some of the toughest cases and bring people the relief they have so desperately longed for without surgery or pills.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About UpSlope Physical Therapy In Fort Collins...

50+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Rachael

Can’t say enough nice things about Brady and his business practices. He is professional and supports other locally owned small businesses in town. The dry needling sessions I have had done with him are really making a difference in my physical well being.

- Jakob

Brady is one of the most knowledgeable, up and coming Physical Therapists not only in the area but in the country. His commitment to his clients is unmatched and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to perform and feel better!

- Avari

I have absolutely loved how I feel after going to get checked out. After long and hard weekends of dance, I always look forward to my appointment the next week because I just feel so much better! Very very pleased with Upslope PT