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Driving Directions

We are located on the west side of college Ave at 2925 South College Avenue Unit 6 & 7, Fort Collins, CO. Upslope Physical Therapy & Performance is located inside of Kerley’s Fitness. There is signage for UPT&P in the window. Park in any open spot and walk in Kerley’s Fitness

What People Are Saying

UpSlope Physical Therapy

— Chad B.

“Highly recommend Upslope. Brady is very good at what he does and offers a wide variety of treatments from tissue work to dry needling. I went in and after a couple sessions I started to feel way better. He makes sure the treatments and exercises are beneficial for you and what your body needs. I definitely will be back..”

— Joanna D.

Excellent care from Dr Hoffmann. I had unknowingly injured my back which was causing numbness and tingling in my feet. After my first session, I had improved significantly. With the direction and care provided by Dr Hoffman I have since fully recovered and even corrected some life-long bad habits that have improved my overall mobility.

— Megan H.

“Can’t recommend Dr. Brady enough! I had severe neck/shoulder pain that began to radiate up causing severe headaches. He performed dry needling with electrical stimulation along with daily exercises and I’ve found so much relief!.”

Who We Help At UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance

At UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance, we understand that every single person’s pain is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to your body, and how it is effecting your life so we can create a plan that focuses on YOU and your goals.

UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance’s 3 step process

Step 1:

Restore Function
We’ll take you through a comprehensive biomechanical assessment and identify the cause of your problem. Then we’ll explain what must be done to get you back to full speed and back to the activities you enjoy.

Step 2:

Optimize Movement
We’ll develop a treatment plan that will be tailored specifically to you and your goals. This will ultimately allow us to get you stronger, pain-free, and on track to reach your goals more effectively and efficiently.

Step 3:

Enhance Performance
Once we get you back to exercising pain free, we’ll implement strategies to get you performing at an even higher level than you were prior to your injury. We’ll also implement strategies to “bulletproof” your body.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance In UpSlope...

70+ 5-Star Reviews!

- Sami Maida

UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance a 5 star review for their awesome customer service and super helpful tips! Brady was able to diagnose my hip issue over a video I recorded! He not only diagnosed me, but created a whole YouTube page for me with exercises to do to help fix my hip and get my ROM back to normal! Brady was super helpful even with us being thousands of miles apart. 100/10 recommend Upslope for all your physical therapy needs even if you’re not located in Colorado!

- Brown trout

I had severe shoulder pain from past injuries and ignoring the problem. I was skeptical, to say the least, when I was told that my issues could be resolved with no surgery. I will say that as of today, except for some minor limits to range of motion, I feel like I did prior to my injuries! The pain is gone, and I’m back to living a normal active lifestyle! DO NOT think that surgery is your only option, Upslope is your best avenue to getting back to your normal health. THANK YOU!!

- Michael L

As an active soccer coach, hiker, and fisherman, Brady was exceptional at providing me with exercises and education that were directly applicable to my life. Thanks to UpSlope Physical Therapy, I have been able to return to all of my favorite activities feeling better than I have in years. I would highly recommend UpSlope and Dr. Brady to anyone looking to get back to their favorite activities, improve performance in athletics, or even just get back to feeling pain-free on a daily basis.
Brady Hoffmann DPT, ATC
Owner and Founder of UpSlope PT

Get To Know Dr. Brady Hoffmann - Physical Therapist In Fort Collins, Colorado

Dr. Brady Hoffmann is a licensed Physical Therapist who earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Clarke University in Dubuque, IA. Brady studied Athletic Training as his undergraduate degree, also at Clarke University, and was a licensed and practicing Athletic Trainer while in grad school. Along with having his Doctorate, Brady is an EXOS performance specialist, having completed a course emphasizing a holistic view of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.

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