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UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance

Are you passionate about transforming lives through physical therapy? Do you thrive in a collaborative and dynamic environment, where every day brings an opportunity to make a meaningful impact? If you're seeking a place where your expertise meets a gym environment, and you can build lasting connections with active, motivated clients, then UpSlope Physical Therapy and Performance is your next career destination.

About UpSlope
At UpSlope, we redefine physical therapy. We're not just a clinic; we're a community dedicated to quality one-on-one care in a gym setting. Our commitment to low patient loads, hour-long appointments, and continuous support sets us apart. From climbers to weekend warriors, we work with a diverse clientele, fostering a culture where movement is not just a treatment but a way of life. Our vision is to lead Fort Collins in health and wellness by emphasizing the profound impact of movement on both mental and physical well-being.

About the Role

As a Performance Physical Therapist at UpSlope, you're not just guiding patients through exercises; you're a catalyst for transformative change. Your one-on-one, hour-long appointments create a space for personalized care, allowing you to build a deep connection with each client. Our commitment to continuity of care ensures that you are consistently working with the same individuals, making a lasting impact on their wellness journey.

In this role, you'll handle a caseload of 7-9 active and motivated clients daily, providing focused attention to their unique needs. Simplified charting processes enable you to concentrate on what truly matters – the well-being of your patients. Your expertise will contribute to our mission of emphasizing the importance of movement in improving both mental and physical health.

Beyond the treatment room, occasional engagement in community marketing events and social media activities will allow you to showcase the remarkable transformations happening at UpSlope. This is not just a job; it's an opportunity to be a constant force of support and change in the lives of those you serve.

What You Need to be Successful
Licensed DPT
Fitness background.
Confidence in manual skills.
Friendliness, responsibility, hard-working attitude, confidence, and an open-minded approach.

What Makes UpSlope a Great Place to Work
Benefits package: free gym membership, paid holidays, PTO, health insurance coverage, continuing education, retirement.
A gym environment with high-quality equipment.
Low patient load and one-on-one, hour-long appointments.
A fun and flexible team with a commitment to team building and group events.
Work with motivated and active clients

Next Steps

Ready to join our team? Submit your resume to and let's start the conversation. No need for a cover letter—just a glimpse into who you are and why UpSlope is the right fit for you. We'll review applications on a rolling basis, aiming to move swiftly through interviews and provide timely feedback. Brady, our owner, is your go-to contact for any questions you may have.

Are you ready to transform lives and be a part of a dynamic team? Apply now and let's take the next step together!