A New Year’s Resolution: Physical Therapy for 2024

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How many years have you set a New Year’s Resolution? How many of those resolutions have been focused on your health and wellness at some level? Like most people, you have probably experienced this desire to improve various aspects of your health.

Health goals are among the top resolutions year after year, and year after year, these goals prove to be challenging. They tend to be on-again-off-again all year long, and this leaves many feeling frustrated. So you’re not alone. 

Today, we want to walk you through how physical therapy can be beneficial as a natural part of your health and wellness routine. We’ll discuss what physical therapy is, why you should consider adding it to your wellness routine, and how to incorporate it into your New Year’s health resolutions.

What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy, in its simplest definition, is a holistic approach to health and wellness. The approach is focused on the musculoskeletal system. The goal of physical therapy is to restore and improve functional movements.

5 Reasons to Add Physical Therapy to Your Routine

  • Movement Mastery Physical therapy helps prevent injuries by teaching a person how to move their body properly. Whether you’re an athlete whose movements are competitive or an individual who is just beginning to move your body again, knowing the proper motions to prevent as many injuries as possible is essential.
  • Decreased Pain Physical therapy leans into the understanding that all forces in the body affect one another. This is true too when it comes to pain relief and pain control. As physical therapy works to increase proper movements, blood flow is restored and, therefore, serves the nervous system in reducing pain.
  • Injury Prevention Injuries are prevented when you master the proper movements. Musculoskeletal injuries often occur with direct impact or overuse, or the body is met with a force greater than its ability to withstand. By adding physical therapy to your wellness routine, you will be able to strengthen your body’s ability and become aware of and halt any overuse.
  • Rapid Recovery  — Recovery of injuries is delayed when blood flow is restricted due to muscles shutting down. Research shows that movement is the most beneficial thing you can do when you get injured.

The Holistic Approach of Physical Therapy 

Did you know physical therapy takes a holistic approach to body movement and pain reduction? A holistic understanding of the body encompasses acknowledging that every body system is intricately connected and understanding the mind-body connection that is at work.

With the ever-growing understanding of the mind-body connection, the idea is that your physical well-being impacts your mental well-being and vice versa. Physical therapy is not exempt from the benefits.

In acknowledging the mind-body connection, physical therapy can go beyond the physical body and impact mental wellness. The long-term benefits of using physical therapy in this holistic way include increased self-esteem, improved mood, and a decreased risk of anxiety and depression.

Likewise, physical therapy can generate a robust and full therapeutic effect by focusing on the internal connection between body systems. Traditional practices focus on treating symptoms, but in a holistic approach, the focus is on the underlying cause.

The goal is to correct the issue and support the body in healing itself. That means when you exercise regularly, you also understand that your respiratory system is strengthening and functioning better. If your respiratory system is functioning well, then your immune system is better off. 

Ways to Incorporate Physical Therapy

As you discover what your body needs and how physical therapy can help. There are many options as to how you can begin incorporating it into your wellness routine. You can find physical therapy programs designed for specific needs and features. You can also request services provided by physical therapists, such as:

    • Dry needling is a technique similar to acupuncture but focuses on muscle trigger points and aims to alleviate pain and improve muscle function.
    • Cupping is another therapeutic practice. It involves applying suction cups to the skin to create a vacuum to encourage blood flow, reduce inflammation, and aid in muscle recovery.
    • Joint manipulation is a hands-on technique that focuses on mobilizing and realigning joints.
  • Sports Physical Therapy is a form of physical therapy that focuses on preventing, evaluating, treating, and rehabilitating conditions and injuries associated with sports.

Each of these physical therapy practices is a safe addition to your health and wellness routines.

Let Upslope Physical Therapy Help You Reclaim Your Active Lifestyle in 2024

Prioritizing your well-being in the new year opens the door to a happier, healthier, more active you. With consistency, dedication, and the assistance of a qualified physical therapist, you are working toward a strong foundation for your health in the long run.

A doctor of physical therapy has been trained in the systems and workings of your body and will be able to help you not only protect your body but also restore and improve it. They can help you focus on relieving the root cause of your symptoms and, therefore, gaining more widespread relief.

If you’re looking for a physical therapist in Fort Collins, CO, Upslope Physical Therapy & Performance is here to serve you. We are passionate about working with individuals who want to take charge of their health and make a commitment to staying active. Our goal lies in our 3-step system: 1) Find the real cause of your pain. 2) Fix your problem areas. 3) Maintain Peak Performance. We are here to help you experience a full and active life, and get back to what you love.

As you begin the new year with your health and wellness in mind, don’t overlook physical therapy. Contact us today.

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